New Spectrum Moviebeam Service in all Rooms at The Last Hotel

Enjoy our new MovieBeam service. Where you can Cast any streaming service to your room’s television. Netflix’s, Disney+, HBO Max, You Tube, and More. It’s simple, easy, and secure, no typing in your passwords, just flip from your phone or other device to the TV, watch and enjoy. We still have the cable TV you love too. Just now we have both. Binge watch one of your favorite shows, in one of our awesome suites, with Room Service from Ultima Cucina. It doesn’t get much better than that. Even better, it’s all including in the price of your room too. No fees to pay.

Instructions are easy:

Just change the TV source to HDMI 1 and go to Wi-Fi settings, select “GuestCasting” and enter the password “Casting123” when prompted to join. Then you will be prompted with a code, or you can scan the QR code. Once either is selected the MovieBeam site will pop up on your device. At that time, you can select your viewing pleasure/show, click the ‘casting’ icon on your device, you will then see your room number pop up. Select your room number and casting will take place.