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Boutique Hotels: The Main Requirements & How To Find One

If you haven’t previously stayed at or done research on boutique hotels, there is no sense in waiting much longer to pull the trigger!! For those who are tired of the conventional, cookie cutter protocols often found in chain hotels, luxury boutique hotels like The Last Hotel will do everything we can from the moment you check in, until you check out, ensuring you have a memorable experience every step of the way. Aren’t sure what makes a hotel “boutique”? We’ve got you covered.

The Meaning Of Boutique

The easiest way to define luxury boutique hotels is a small, sophisticated, and fashionable business or establishment. Simply put, boutique hotels are small, stylish, and are typically located within a fashionable location in the city’s urban district. You will immediately notice from a stay with us that our distinct amenities and design traits will be on full display throughout the property and in your room. Compared to regular hotels, boutique hotels are a big proponent of promoting intimacy, and usually feature a strong artistic sense and emphasis on design. Boutique properties are always found in robust city centers and other fashionable districts that work to catapult the city’s culture. The appeal lies in the quality of service, location, decor, and personalized experience that cannot be matched or replicated anywhere else!

History Of Boutique Hotels

During the 1940s and 1950s, chain hotels were quickly multiplying. As a result, the market saw a hefty amount of franchises operating in various cities across the country. Popular chains that you are more than familiar with like the Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Hilton were steadily rising during this era. As the chains were flourishing, other hotels were devising plans to stand out from the rest. A good example of this around this time was the Westin Hotel-which was the first of its kind to offer 24-hour room service. 

Other examples include Ocean Drive on Miami Beach, the Beacon Hotel, and the Century Hotel. These hotels got creative with the designs, played around with the food and beverage offerings, and put much of their attention towards better service and figuring out how to reign supreme over the chains. Despite their efforts, the trend did not gain traction until the 60s and 70s. Eventually, cookie cutter hotels began to pop up more and more, replicating the same style regardless of the location. Guests were describing the experience as “stiff”, as the repetition did nothing to enthrall them for their stay. Once the 1980s rolled around, this is when boutique hotels were heavily imbued into our daily conversations, relating to lodging and traveling. Soon thereafter, the sprawl of boutique hotels took effect in major cities like New York City, San Francisco, and London, to name a few. The trend has continued to entice many travelers to this day, with many chains even creating sub-brands that fit under this niche. All in all, this further proves that boutique hotels are here to stay, and their popularity shows no signs of regression.

6 Essential Requirements For Your Luxury Boutique Hotels

While there are no stringent guidelines for creating a boutique hotel, there are some guidelines that hoteliers must follow to help them fall into this category. Granted, not all of what we are about to cover is heavily followed, but in many cases they are observed and can be seen almost anywhere. Here are some of the common requirements.

1 – Smaller In Size

From what was mentioned earlier, boutique hotels are generally smaller in size, containing about 10-100 rooms (max 150), with suites being available on the premises. As such, they will also lend themselves to being and feeling more intimate, further amplifying the personalized experience. 

2 – Unique Characteristics

A distinguishable feature in properties like ours is the ongoing need to be unique. Almost nothing else compares to the beauty that comes from physical aesthetics, which evokes a flurry of positive emotions and reactions from the loyal patrons who are lucky enough to experience it. Feel free to take a look at our gallery to better understand what to expect from your next stay.

3 – Strong Focus On Design

The design is yet another way to develop unique traits of your property. Much of what boutique hotels do for the physical is centered around a high-quality design. It can be a combination of architecture, artistic furnishings, and playing through decors to create character. In certain cases, hoteliers will even spruce up the property with various themes. Think of the quirky details found in the Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam or the Maison Souquet in Paris.

4 – Located In Fashionable Areas

If it hasn’t been made clear previously, there are no hard rules for luxury boutique hotels. However, hoteliers are still paying attention to the specifics, like location. A medley of these hotels are found in fashionable areas or places inundated with a strong cultural presence. 

5 – Personalized Services

Service service service. The bespoke amenities found at these properties speak for themselves. Even if it’s not something that the guests expect from their stay, it makes it that much more meaningful knowing that they have the freedom to access these specialized services, for a truly personalized experience. 

6 – Wide Selection Of Things To Do

Boutique hotels are usually an extension of the city, and St. Louis is no exception. More often than not, these hotels will surely incorporate elements of the city through what is offered and served to guests. It could range from highlighting local artists or serving locally sourced ingredients. You can’t get more authentic than this!

Finding Boutique Hotels

While boutique hotels are in a league of their own, booking is easy to do through major platforms like Booking.com, Agoda, or Tripadvisor. Sure, this is useful, but you won’t need to visit any of these sites when booking an outing with us. Check out this link to start planning your trip.

Luxury Boutique Hotel in St. Louis: The Last Hotel

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